Hi there, thanks for swinging by.

I dabble in all sorts of designy things, namely graphic design, web design, and illustration. I have an extensive background in creative writing and I’ve been itching to put my┬áskills to use more. I’ve been working on an illustrated novel which gives me the perfect opportunity to tell stories and create ideas with geeky science things like neuroscience and theoretical physics.

I have a couple of cats who love (ok, maybe just half of the pair) to play dress-up. I also like to create terrible puns and I can vow to only share all-original material.

I am looking to find some amazing people to work with/for. I have an insatiable appetite for creating awesome design that parallels my drive for taking on personal creative challenges (the only way to stay balanced and at the top of my game, in my opinion).

If you are looking to add to your team and/or want to talk to me about an opportunity, don’t hesitate to send a message my way!

Here is my awesome Instagram account.

While I mostly post small works in progress (lots of hand sketches) and some cropped finished pieces, this is the go-to place for photos of my cats in outfits.

I realize that a lot of people are posting cat photos, but these are different. These are the best.

I promise. The best.

(no food shots)