Project Description

I designed a new experience for the Delaware County Democratic Committee’s website. The current site was rich with content but the organization wasn’t ideal and important information was not easily accessible.

Client: Delaware County Democratic Committee

Goals: Redesign the user experience and create reusable content areas that are easy for volunteers to update as needed.

Challenges: The amount of content I had to work with was challenging. A lot of focus was put on developing new methods for categorizing content.


I lead the UX process beginning with a content audit and concluding with configuring a WordPress site. I worked closely with other team members to identify important areas of focus and researched how similar organizations’ sites were structured.

Once we had identified the top-level content I made sure to structure the layout to work modularly.

I then identified areas that could be built with widgets and easily accommodate different types of content. Each section is easy to update independently and be expanded upon in the future.

The highlight area on the homepage is an optional overlay area that features upcoming events or reminders. News and events sections can be enabled and disabled as needed, and the sections can be cloned to incorporated featured posts sections.

Committee leaders and their profiles can change so it was important to ensure that individual bios could be easily added and removed. Each member profile links to an individual bio.

Candidate bios follow the same pattern as those of committee leaders. Several pages make use of a sidebar for quick resources and some CTA’S are used across different sections.

Local committees and organizations are collected and easy for users to browse and submit resources of their own. We felt it was important to reiterate the call for volunteers by adding a button that links to a sign up in several areas of the site (notably by content that engaged users would have just visited) as well as in the navigation.

The main goal of the pages dedicated to resources was to structure the information tightly and logically.

There are many types of information, such as registration information and polling place location that is commonly sought and it was important that those areas were as easily accessible as possible.

Candidate bios follow the same pattern as those of committee leaders and important resources are collected in the sidebar. The candidate profile is easy for volunteers to update and candidates can choose what positions and experience to highlight.