Project Description

Ongoing projects created for Horizon Geospatial, LLC

Client: Horizon Geospatial, LLC

Goals: Using the updated company logo, create a promotional brochure and upgrade the company website to be responsive and include updated content.

Challenges: There was a significant amount of copy that needed to be included and structured so that it could be clearly understood. A lot of technical information needed to be included, and visual interest needed to be maintained despite such technical content.


I worked closely with the president of Horizon Geospatial throughout all stages of the project. I rebuilt the company website using new and existing content, structuring it to work well as a responsive site with clean sections that could be added to as the company grows.

I created new graphics and icons, text and photos were provided and then edited.

Horizon Geospatial, LLC is a small business with extensive experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies.

Horizon’s work includes development, integration and application of GIS data and services in support of local and state projects, as well as federal government projects and academic research.

I began by updating the company logo and creating new branding materials. I was then asked to create a trifold brochure that gave an overview of the business. The brochure summarizes Horizon’s current contracts, and gives an in-depth description of the business.

The company website was updated and the main goal was to help visitors understand what makes Horizon different from its competitors.

Horizon offers three core services, including support for industry-specific software. I condensed this message into three icons that call attention to this unique combination. Visitors are guided through the site, presented with small, digestible descriptions that lead to a full company overview.