Project Description

These are pieces I created while working in-house for INDIGO Biosciences, a company that provides products and services used to improve the drug discovery process.

Client: INDIGO Biosciences

Goals: Create all collateral following a consistent brand image.

Challenges: The color palette was limited to the core INDIGO colors of indigo and green.


All graphics were created under the supervision of senior INDIGO staff. A brand identity had already been established, but I had a bit of freedom in expanding upon the aesthetic.

Information was provided in various formats including text and graphs. It was imperative that I worked closely with the scientists overseeing the projects, as much of the information was very technical and specific and easy to misrepresent.

INDIGO Biosciences is a company that provides products and services used to improve the drug discovery process.

I worked in-house at INDIGO and created various print and web marketing collateral. INDIGO runs a regular advertisement in an industry-specific print and web publication. I created a new layout for their ad that included sections that could easily be changed out with new text or graphics when the message needed to be updated.

I also created a collection of letter-sized handouts that explained various products the company offers which could be handed out at trade shows or other promotional venues.

As INDIGO prepared for a major trade show I designed some informational handouts they could give to booth visitors.

I created handouts for some of their most popular products and converted charts to add to include with product descriptions and ordering information.

I assisted INDIGO Biosciences in updating their social media presence.

I transferred content and visual style used in print material to social media platforms.

When the company needed an idea for a new promotional give-away I came up with the idea to design a branded magnet. The magnet includes a chart that acts as a cheat sheet for calculations customers would otherwise have to search for. INDIGO’s customers are working in labs within close proximity to refrigerators which makes a magnet a practical giveaway.

During my time at INDIGO I helped launch a campaign for a new product the company was offering.

We worked on social media campaigns which included graphics that correlated with print advertisements. This graphic was designed specifically for Twitter and was reformatted for Facebook, Mailchimp, and a press release.