Project Description

Commissioned sign for Next Stop Democracy campaign

Client: Next Stop Democracy

Goals: Design a two-sided sandwich board sign calling attention to the location of a polling station on election day.

Challenges: This sign was completed before I lived in Philadelphia and the logistics of my traveling schedule meant that I had to complete the entire sign during a 3-day trip. I had already submitted a digital proof of the design so I had to tailor the execution very precisely.


I worked within the guidelines that Next Stop Democracy laid out. The sign had to alert voters looking for their polling station and draw attention to the election through public art. The signs couldn’t be representative of a political party and red and blue were not to be used within the design. The letters needed to be at least 6 inches high with “Vote Here” on one side and “Vote Aqui” on the other.

Next Stop Democracy is a voter engagement initiative local to Philadelphia, PA.

Next Stop Democracy’s mission is to increase voter turnout on election day through public art. The continued drop in voter participation prompted NSD to think of new ways to draw attention to election day.

You can read about Next Stop Democracy’s mission here.

I had to finish my entire sign during a 3-day trip so I got creative with how I executed the design.

The sign is rendered almost entirely out of duct tape and I created some of the elements ahead of time. The letters were carefully cut out of foam board and wrapped in duct tape.

They didn’t always want to cooperate.

The background of the sign is duct tape that I applied directly to the wooden sandwich board I was given. I learned that purple duct tape is very difficult to find and the rolls I used were scented like grape.

I used modge podge to fix the letters onto the board and once the entire design was set I sealed the entire board with modge podge.

Here you can see the final product placed outside its assigned polling location.

If you’d like to learn more about Next Stop Democracy’s mission, you can find more information here.