I have dabbled in photography for the bulk of my life.
It’s something I enjoy but has never been a major focus of my work.

I like to capture images that scale down a subject.
The result is something everyone can see but
won’t identify as a piece of the entire landscape. 

I have a strong affection for parking garages, the roofs in particular.

I went to a progressive, alternative high school and we had open campus so my best friend and I went to a hole in the wall pizza shop next to a parking garage downtown. We would ride the elevator to the top of the garage and have lunch up there almost every day. Nearly 20 years later I still seek out these kinds of roofs, which has lead to countless impromptu photo shoots. Here are some more recent shots.

These are some experiments with shapes and textures.

I gravitate towards compositions that show extreme points of view in otherwise mundane subjects.

And of course some experiments with perspective.

I’ve done a lot of traveling in the last few years and much of it has involved taking various forms of mass transit.
I really like playing with perspective and trains in particular provide many opportunities to do so.

And of course, some words to live by.

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