Project Description

The Save Bergie project is a fictional campaign created to raise awareness of climate change.

Client: Self-initiated

Goals: Use a playful illustration style, incorporate light-hearted elements

Challenges: Maintaining a balance of playfulness and eye-catching elements that could span a full campaign was my biggest challenge. The playfulness of the campaign was critical, but if taken too far could easily detract from the message, or worse, miss the audience entirely.


This project was entirely self-initiated. I created all illustrations and graphics as well as the copy.

The Save Bergie Project aims to personify the issue of climate change in order to connect with the general public.

As the media has become more and more sensationalized, it’s easy to struggle to determine which reports are truly worth our attention. By toning down the shock factor of a very real issue, there is a completely different take on a topic people spend time tuning out.

I believe that one reason progress stalls is because the solution seems overwhelming or even impossible. In the case of climate change, there is a lot of work that has to be done — but it can’t happen all at once. The first step is to teach people what the issue is, then guide them to steps they are able to take to improve the situation.

If you are able to draw in your audience by hitting on a positive emotion before they have time to process heavy information that follows, they will stay connected after they realize why that emotion was triggered.

The project uses a pun and playful illustration style. A pun is involved because, in my opinion, puns are pretty much perfect. Having an additional playful element is a great way to keep the idea stuck in people’s minds. The more people connect to an issue, the more likely they are to contribute to supporting it.

If you’d like to learn more about environmental action, a great place to start is The Natural Resources Defense Council.