Project Description

Internal marketing team document. This infographic represents a proposed campaign direction that was presented to the board of the school.

Client: Direction of Cole HonsSouth Hills School of Business & Technology

Goals: Create an infographic that clearly illustrates why a small school is a good choice for some students

Challenges: The main challenge was to achieve the right balance of minimal design elements while still communicating all points, all within a canvas size that could be easily shared across web platforms.


Over the summer of 2015 I worked as part of a marketing team that worked to rebrand the image of South Hills School of Business & Technology.

For this infographic, I was provided with all copy and statistics in text format. I created the layout and all graphics, working within new brand guidelines.

South Hills School of Business & Technology offers Specialized Associates Degrees in business, technical, graphic design, medical, and criminal justice fields.

South Hills’ programs are practical, intensive, and hands-on and prepare students for a career in their field in just two years. This infographic shows just a few reasons why a small school is the best type of education for many students.

Custom illustrations for infographic

You can learn more about the types of careers that South Hills School of Business & Technology prepares its students for here.