Here is a small collection of some experimental lettering projects.

Recently, I have been playing with combining letterforms as they flow through words. I haven’t created any large-scale, stand-alone lettering projects, rather I have been working them into illustration projects that I have in the works.

I post a lot of works in progress, sketches, and small shots of work on a regular basis. Some things turn into larger projects, some don’t. Check back for new work.


I like the flexibility that playing with letters can offer. I tend to write letters that fit together like puzzle pieces (even when writing by hand) by default.

I like seeing how the shapes can be linked, there is a heavy level of satisfaction that comes with tweaking the form so that there is a linked transition while maintaining balance throughout the piece.

I don’t have any particular affection for unicycles. I’d originally set out to write “unsubscribe” but I got stuck and unicycle was the natural evolution. I associate the word unsubscribe with bold sans serif letters, it’s a word you need to communicate powerfully because your wish to unsubscribe probably won’t be respected the first time. Gotta maintain that confidence and also set up any newsletter or mailing list subscriptions in a dedicated account. That’s why James the cat has an email address he has handed over for me to manage. We get lots of coupons along with the junk so it’s not all bad.

Letters are one thing I can always draw confidently without having any sort of reference image. It can be a good warm-up or confidence booster to sketch out words that are recognizable without having to look like anything.

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